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Thank you Isaac Newton

Riding home from work under wet conditions, threw myself onto the planet shoulder first. Now I’m typing left handed while an overdose of Ibuprofen coarses through my veins.
It would be great to have a girl’s arm around me, but nooooo! Instead, I have my own arm wrapped around me. Not a happy bunny here!
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Deep hurt


Girls are so clueless and psychotic! Stupidly enough I can understand why they are like that, because I’m the same.

Everyone, deep down inside, just wants to be loved and have someone to share life with. Unfortunately, we know deep within ourselves, we are flawed. Sometimes those flaws make us hate ourselves. And they get in the way of us allowing ourselves to be happy.

Like me, girls obsess and worry about their bodies. They worry about the stream of nonsense that can come out of their mouths. They worry about the size of their breasts, legs, feet, weight, hair, face, skin, and their most intimate pieces. They worry!

They worry about relationships, friends, jobs, world, weather, money, clothing, expectations for the future, dreams… they are a big mess inside!

And stupidly enough, these flaws are what make you worth something! They are exactly what makes you special and unique! I don’t think I could be with anyone who is perfect! Your flaws usually make me protective of you! I’m not perfect! I’m nothing more than a man, and limited by many factors. All I have to give is my desire to make you feel good around me, and hope that somehow that masks the fact that secretly I’m terrified I’ll do something that disappoints you. I’m scared hoping that my flaws don’t push you away.

I’ll grant that some flaws really become an obstacle. But most, like a fingerprint, they make you irreplaceable. There’s no way of making another one like you, and even if there was, you would still be the only You in the Universe! Only You have lived what You have lived, and only You knows what You know.

And all this obsession with your body. The size of your chest isn’t really important. As a male member of the human race, I can honestly say that you do look sweet and cuddly with big breasts or small breasts.

Does your bum look big? I sure hope so, because that’s what I like about you! Don’t have a big bum? Well that makes you different, and our unique features are exactly what attracts your partner. You may have a smaller bum and I still like you. I’m with you because I saw something in you! Something that makes me feel better, and makes me want to spend my very limited time on this planet with you!

I hate when some girls say something silly like "You’re only interested in my body.".

If you think like this, do you think for one second that your guy would be interested in you if you had a penis????

Of course I’m interested in you because of your body!

I like girls with smaller breasts to be honest. If you have smaller breasts, be happy and see the advantages. You’ll likely be healthier than someone with larger breasts. But please, don’t get silicone implants.

Girls with silicone implants usually suffer from a god complex and are less likely to have a meaningful relationship. And to be honest, I don’t think you would want to be in a serious relationship with a partner that could develop serious health complications at any time and end up a vegetable or die as a result of an artificial physical enhancement.

As long as you honestly care for your partner and openly speak and play with him or her, they won’t care if you are missing 3 limbs.

I had a beautiful girl in my life. All I wanted was to make her happy, and have her attention. She was perfect in many ways, and in some ways we connected perfectly.

We plan for so much, we have to prepare for so many unexpected things, but we never prepare for mental illness. She was incredibly insecure and quite aggressive.

She lost track of things, and quite painfully, she didn’t see a better way of life. Partly I know I am to blame for not showing her clearly that I was trying to give her some time to heal, I was trying to take things slow. Her insecurity led her away from me, and before I knew it, I was a stranger in my own home.

One day, and without much warning, she left. Packed her things and went away. The souvenirs I got to keep were the unpaid bills and a heart that will never mend.

Stupidly enough, it was her fear of her flaws that destroyed us. Girls are so clueless and psychotic! Just relax, recognize what you have, and let your other half look after you.

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Sick of being sick

Today i’m tired of sitting at home trying to get better. Laryngitis struck me and for the first time ever i had to stay at home and not go to work. Hopefully everything will be alright soon.
Someone I care about a lot decided to be silly and create a bit of distance between me and her. Does this make any sense to anyone??? … Because she wants my attention so much and can’t get it, she decided to send me away and not see me again!!!
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